August 21, 2011
By PearlP BRONZE, Victoria, Other
PearlP BRONZE, Victoria, Other
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Being fearless doesn't mean being 100% not fearful, it means being terrified, and jumping anyway
-Taylor Swift

My whole world changed when my cell phone came into my life. It was my pride and joy. I got it for my 11th birthday, the summer before 6th grade. Soon I was texting, and not answering my mother’s phone calls just like any typical cell phone bearer. But just a few weeks later, the significance of my phone changed. It brought me to you. My first big crush. I suppose you could call it young love. He was the cutest boy I had ever seen. He didn’t go to my elementary school, but he was going to my middle school. So I assumed I had a shot. I was on a swing at the local park with my younger sister, when you came up and asked if I had a cell phone. I said yes. I prepared myself for the big “Give me your number and I’ll text you sometime”, or even just “Cool”. But instead I got “Do you have Brittany’s number?” to which I replied “Why the heck would I have Brittany’s number? Were not friends,” And then you said something amazingly smart like “I dunno”. But it didn’t matter. I still loved you. I serendipitously ran into you a few more times that summer, and continued imagining our future far into the seventh grade. It was then I realized, you’re never going to love me, or at least not like I loved you. I cried over you, and I was wasting my time. So that’s the happy ending to my not so perfect little love story. And I think it’s time for a new phone.

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