The Emotional and Physical Bruises of a Hurt Family

August 18, 2011
By , boston, MA
When I was 5 my mom started drinking and smoking this lead to my parents separation and left me and my sister with our father. She moved out of state and came back when i was about 7.She then moved to a town named Brocton which is where her abusive relationship with an alcoholic started. She meet him at a party her and her roommate threw, at the time he was her roommates boyfriend. They started talking and where friends for a awhile. He has 2 kids and wasn’t involved with them when he met my mom . A few months later she had to move out of her house for not paying bills and moved around for 8 month and in those months her and John became boyfriend and girlfriend. When my mom realized she couldn’t afford rent where ever she went she moved in with John and his parents. That was when bruises and scratches became noticeable. She made up excuses about why she looked like she was just jumped. Within months my mom was pregnant . She asked me and my sister not to tell our family about the pregnancy. About 5 months into the pregnancy John was arrested for stealing and he had already had previous warrants (involving his ex-girl friend who he had 2 kids with) He was sentenced 10 months in jail. My mom then moved into my dads small 2 bedroom apartment in boston. She slept on the couch and helped around the apartment. But still it was a very small apartment for 4 people and a baby on the way. So my dad moved out 2 ½ months later to a town outside of Boston. Right after my 10th birthday my mother gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Mya. My mom started bringing Mya to the jail to vist John. When he came out promising to get a job, stop drinking and gambling, most important he’d stop using her as a punching bag. But the night he came out he got drunk. He did everything he said he wouldn’t but it wasn’t “that bad”. He then stated being at his mothers more and more he barley came home. But it was good in a way. Though my mom got into a depression and started drinking again. My moms friend moved In with us around that time. She was nice to me and my sisters but stole money. Even after stealing my mother let her stay. It’s a good thing she stayed… one night when me and my sisters where asleep John came drunk. He and my mom got in a really bad fight. He punched her and pushed her. She fell on a glass coffee table and it broke. He began strangling her. Her fried came and stopped him and he ran off. But my mom was unconscious. I was terrified at the site of the living room when I woke up. It had was covered in glass and things broken everywhere. It hurt to breathe I was scared for my mom and my sister . I ran into the next room to see my mother with massive bruises and cuts on her whole body since she bruises easily. She didn’t report him. That summer I went to sleep away camp. I was so worried about my mom I cried and a friend asked what was wrong. I told her about what had happen with my mother and John. She went to the camp councilor who called D.S.S. (now D.F.C.). After camp I had to talk to a social worker. In the end they told my mother not to see John and they made a warrant for his arrest. My mom continued to let John stay the apartment. A whole year goes by with no “major” incidents and I am 12 years old. In the summer of 2009 my mom tells me that she is pregnant again. And tells me and her friend to keep it a secret again. In November of 2009 my mom gives birth to happy Jacoby. Only weeks after he is born John gets more violent. My mom said me and my sister couldn’t go over there because of little reasons. But I find out later that her boyfriend kept either Mya or Jacoby with him at all times so my mom couldn’t run away from him. He abuses her in more then just phisically. At the climax of the violence he doesn’t let anyone in OR out of the house. He takes my mothers keys away and her phone. One night she decided to take action. She got him really drunk till he past out then takes the phone and calls her employer/friend who calls the police. He went back to jail for 2 years. My mom continued to move around till she heard John was getting out of jail so she moved into a 4 bedroom apartment in Dorchester. D.F.C. told her not to take him back but she did. He didn’t drink for a few weeks. But soon enough he stared again. He hit her and pushed her. I was barely going to my moms house because of him. But one week end I did. They both got very drunk and started fighting. She hit him and he defended himself because he knew not to do hit her in front of me. They ended up on the floor kicking and punching. When things cooled down a bit I knew me and my brother and sister needed to get out of that house. I called my grandma who lived across the city since my dad was away. She sent a cab. I tried to get Mya and Jacoby but John would not let me. I was forced to leave alone. We didn’t hear much from my mom until she called saying John was in jail again. She said he had gotten very violent and she called a friend saying she couldn’t come over but heard John yelling in the back round and called the police. He is currently in jail but life at my moms house is still bad. She still drinks and it affects me and everyone around her. But I will take it one day at a time and remember that maybe one day the clouds will go away and the sky will be a bright and happy place to look at once again.

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