The Ring That Stopped My Heart From Beating

August 17, 2011
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I had come across a decision that would probably decide my life for the next few months. Leave this man or stay. He's on his way so we can talk and figure this out. Walking over to the field, holding fond memories of moments cherished, hand in hand for possibly the last time.
"So you understand where I'm coming from with all this? The story changes each time I ask and you didn't even tell me the whole story when I asked the first time.." I said, knot in my throat as I try to lock his eyes with mine.
"I know babe. I understand where you're coming from..." Head still down eyes currently telling a story to the concrete.
"Well...breaking up...temporarily..could help us. We'll be able to work out our problems you know?"
He nods then holds me close as his lips touch mine ever so gently. The love he has for me runs through me as he steps into his truck. Window slowly rolling down as I prepare myself for the next move. I lean into the truck and take a slow breath then say, "I want you to give this to me when our problems are solved...for good." Slowly takes the ring off and places it in his palm, holding it closed to calm the temptation to be given back.
"If the problems aren't solved then...give it to someone who deserves it." Tears fall as our last kiss goodbye is claimed like a jackpot in Vegas.

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