August 15, 2011
By aspiringwriterAD SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
aspiringwriterAD SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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"Choose your friends carefully," was what my cousin told me a few weeks before I started high school. I really didn't understand what she meant then, but now before I start my third year of high school I understand.
I was the only one from my junior high school that was going to attend my new high school, so that meant I would have to start fresh with no friends to accompany me on the journey of the first day of school. I met many people on that first day, but it was that girl that I met on the second day that made a difference.
I met two girls on the second day in gym. They sat there conversing, soon I was part of their conversation and we soon became close friends. But I was closer to one more than the other. So close people thought we were sisters, literally. We did everything together even though we only shared two classes together. We shared a locker. We
took the same city bus. We began talking like each other, me saying words that I never really said like saying "really" more than once or "definitely." We laughed together. We were best friends. Until one day...
The day I decided not to go to gym so I could get some chemistry tutoring. But I came to the next class we shared together and things were different. When I walked into class she barely acknowledged me. She didn't talk to me that whole class period. The school day soon came to an end and it was time to take the bus home. She walked out and I followed her, which made me uncomfortable. Me following her? That never happened, we always walked side by side. It was like she was running away from me. We waited outside the school for our other friend. As soon as she came I felt like the third wheel. When I got home I prayed things would change. She did act like that sometimes. Maybe she had a bad day or something I missed in gym. But nothing changed. I stopped trying to make things normal. I never asked her what was wrong. There was nothing I did wrong.
We began to go our own ways. I hung out with my other friends. People noticed our separation and tried to fix it. But the stories coming from the other side were unbearable. They were lies and a different story came out every time a different person asked. I didn't care anymore. This was the girl who I thought would be my best friend for the next four years and be living with me in my college dorm (we both wanted to go to the same college). My mom once told me,"People show their true colors from the start, it's whether you choose to see it or not."
Times she Revealed her True Colors and I choose not to See It
1. Stopped talking to her middle school best friend because her friend was upset about canceled plans (didn't she deserve to be upset)
2. Made fun of others
3. Laughed at others and made jokes (related to #2)
4. Said she wanted someone to fall in heels at our future graduation
5. More pending...
It was my mistake not hers. I should have chosen my friends more carefully. I guess my cousin did know what she was talking about.
All I have to say to YOU (and the other people like you out there). You lost a good friend and I am sad for you even though you don't deserve it. Like me or hate, I promise you I will always be me. Nice knowing you. Life is too short. I have too many things to do before I am done here and I don't have time for people like you. I say this as I exhale everything I've been holding in the past year and a half, looking forward to a great new school year.

The author's comments:
I just hope no one has to go through this where they feel they've meet a best friend shared secrets and then he or she just turns your back on you. I'll just put as my cousin put it "Choose your friends carefully."

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