Naive Girl+Deluded Love= HEARTBREAK

August 14, 2011
By nirvana1313 BRONZE, Glenn Dale, Maryland
nirvana1313 BRONZE, Glenn Dale, Maryland
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Why do you say you love him? What is it that makes you so sure he loves you back? You are only thirteen yet you are planning your wedding and making proclamations of love, and for who? A guy you have only seen a picture of and never actually met. You foolish girl, don’t you know you are just setting yourself up for heart break. This is not first time either, no this has happened before yet you never learn, and how can you? When you are completely deluded while in this state of mind. It is something you have brought onto yourself. So desperate are you to fall in love that you are willing to delude yourself into thinking you are in love with someone you have never met. I pity you my naïve friend, for with all this delusion I can only wonder if you will soon no longer be able to tell the difference between real love and deluded love. I can only hope that someday you will see the light before you lose any chance at real happiness. More so, I hope more than anything I will never be like you. Deluding myself into thinking that what I feel is more than the actual truth. The truth that, like you, I have become a naïve girl in deluded love.

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