First Love

August 3, 2011
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Before I met him I was alone. Sure I had my amazing friends and family, but in a horrible way I was alone. I felt like time was running out, like my time would never come. I didn't believe I was beautiful. A mother's word doesn't count for much in that area. It seemed to me that everyone except the ugly and the unpopular had already claimed their place in the dating pool. I imagined my self at 25, telling my boyfriend that he was my first kiss and seeing his disgusted, horrified expression.

And then HE came along. It really, really was when I was least expecting it, and I was swept off my feet. For the first time in my life I really felt beautiful! To look into his eyes and know that he wanted me, feel his arms around me, wear his sweater when it got cold... it was amazing. To see how I made HIM act, hear how his voice changed when he was just speaking to me... I was astonished. Suddenly I realised that I was actually in the minority of my age group who'd already had a relationship.

Just to hear a guy I felt so much for tell me I had amazing eyes, tell me I was perfect, tell me he thought about me at night, it gave me a confidence I had never had before. I realised I didn't need a smaller bum, or thinner waist. I didn't need to chase love or dress up and wear loads of make-up. I realised that I don't have an amazing body, or flawless features, or great fashion sense, but I am beautiful.

Stop chasing love, and let it catch you up.

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