Crashing Waves

July 11, 2011
By Shann BRONZE, Cape Town, Other
Shann BRONZE, Cape Town, Other
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The crashing waves tumble onto the shore as we set up on the beach. I can’t wait to splash around in the salty water. Once I submerge my head under the waves and hold my breath, I glide through the silence. As I emerge, I find myself back in the real world. While swimming to shore, I hear laughs of my family, shrieks from the seagulls, a beach ball bouncing, and dogs barking. Back on shore, I can see thousands of grains of sand clinging to each water droplet on my legs. Finally, I reach my warm towel. I warm up as I lay soaking up some sunshine. I can feel all the little droplets slowly starting to evaporate from the warmth of the sun.
Distant crunching catches my attention; my little sister must be eating chips. This, however, is not going to distract me. I lie half comatose, while the rest of the world keeps on moving. The warm rays on my back energize me. “Just a few more minutes…” I mumble to myself as I wriggle into a more comfortable position. After a little nap, I dip my toes into the small, white foaming bubbles floating on top of the cold water. As I look up into the distance, I see an orange blob peeking up from the horizon. The sun is setting. All the dogs are gone, and seagulls are calm. The air is crisp and quiet. Most families have left, and we are almost ready to leave too. My mom packs up while I enjoy the salty breeze and the cool, baby waves slowly flopping against my dry legs. My mother’s voice calls out to me. “It’s time to go now,” I hear her say with a maternal tone. As I’m running to catch up with her, I notice all the colors of smashed shells lying between the fresh, white sand. I love exploring the beach. I always find such beauty beneath.

The author's comments:
Shan J. writes from her international experiences and knowledge, although her heart is still in South Africa where she was born. She loves to express herself through the words of her stories. When starting to write, she sits outside to gather her ideas. Writing calms her. She enjoys writing and is considering turning this hobby into a career.

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