Learning To Be Strong

July 26, 2011
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I’m a young girl who put’s myself down sometimes all because someone else has something mean to say about me. It’s not often that I show I’m hurt by their words but little do they know or even care, I have feelings just as well as they do. I may care a littler more when people put me down than I should. I’m not scared to be myself, though; it doesn’t hurt when they laugh at me. It hurts on the inside when they start saying the mean things they love to say.

I used to be able to talk about someone and not feel bad about it. Now when I do that, I always have some guilty feeling inside of me. What if I hurt that person’s feelings and I don’t know what they are going through at the moment? I could be adding to their anger and not even know it. I know how it is, sometimes I just want to be left alone because I’m already upset. You can’t just say “Not today please” because they are going to mess with you regardless.

When people mess with me, I always have a comment to add, but it’s best if I just keep my comments to myself sometimes. Every comment I make will make them think that it’s bothering me so they will continue. I often try to be the bigger and just keep moving, especially when there are younger people around to try and be a good role model for them, I don’t like to show younger children that it’s okay to argue or fight. Sometimes when I ignore them though the get more mad than they would when you actually give them a response.

I hate to see kids get bullied because if it lasts too long, they start to feel bad about them selves or not believe in their selves. I have a friend named Will and he always puts himself down because other people don’t believe in him and talk about him. That is just too sad. I try to talk to him and tell him “Try not to let others’ thoughts about you affect how you feel about yourself.” He is very insecure , but I don’t want him to be like that so I tell Will, “Keep your head high and just lead your own path. If you ignore it, you will stop feeling that way about yourself. Even if nobody else cares, I care and you should care just as much or more.”

I hate it with a passion when people put themselves down because it’s like bullying themselves. If you don’t like being bullied then why add to it? There is really no point in it. If everyone could just ignore rude comments and just walk away, things would be much easier. Kids and teens would be so much happier, but its easier said then done. It takes a lot of patience and practice to just walk away instead of talking back.

As for myself now I just laugh and keep it moving. The people who bothered me gave me attention that wasn’t needed. So, I put an end to it. And my friend Will, he now believes in himself and he always thanks me. I just say “Thank yourself.” You did it! You have to be a strong person to just walk away.

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