They Day I Almost Stepped Out and Died

July 26, 2011
By Bailey Wolf SILVER, Madison, Indiana
Bailey Wolf SILVER, Madison, Indiana
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I was coming home from school on my bus. My bus was the 2nd stop on the route so i had some time to talk with my friends. We sat on the bus and just talked as usual.

We shared laughs and the bus pulled into my stop. My house is in a small neighborhood and u have to go up on a steep hill to get to it. So my bus driver just stops puts out the blinking stop sign and i step out.

The only bad thing is to get to my house i must cross the other lane. This street we stop on is really busy so there are lots of impatient drivers.

So I grapped my backpack and started to walk down the isle of the bus i said thanks to my bus driver and started to walk down the steps. I got to the last step and started to walk out when suddenly i see 2 cars pulling out into my direction going very fast towards me. I was halfway out the door by then when i thought for sure i was going to be hit, my bus driver hops out of his seat leaps towards me and bus me down on the steps so i wouldnt be hit.

I turned around and looked at him with horror at what just almost happened. The car was so close i thought for sure i was going to be hit.

I walked across the street and not knowing my best friend was in the car that had stopped in the lane i had to crossand she was screaming at me asking if i was okay she said she watched in horror thinking she was going to see her best friend die.

I ran home told my mom about it and we bought my bus driver a huge fruit basket and a card and thanked him a billion times.

That is one of the scariest times of my life.

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