Writer's Block

July 24, 2011
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When I’m writing, it’s just me my house could be on fire and I wouldn’t even notice because I’m so absorbed in what I’m writing, even my parents know not to come into my room or bug me at all when I am in my zone. I remember the day clearly, I was wearing my favorite red shirt that hugged my body in all the right places and my favorite sweats because they were just the most amazing things that were ever created I can honestly say I felt beautiful and when I write it’s like my security I can always count on it to be there and it happened, pen and paper in hand because I hate typing my feelings, it’s just a feeling of security to have it written, as if no one can change what is written. I lost all my sense of security, I no longer felt beautiful those few days, I no longer felt indestructible I was no longer myself. Everything changed and I am not good with change, in fact I hate it. I never want to change I never want to be known as that girl that was one way around people and a different way around others. No one ever reads my writing it’s just me and my paper. I can truly say I can count on my writing and my journal as one of my closest friends if not my best. So you can see the predicament I had when my writers block struck me. I didn’t even see it coming it was quicker than the speed of light. I sat on my bed for hours thinking, brainstorming, and making little notes about what to write. Still nothing came to mind. I changed the position I was sitting in, I laid down on my bed, tried sitting on my desk, went on the couch, even tried laying upside down with my feet hanging over where your head is supposed to be and my head on the place where your butt is supposed to be at. I tried writing about, dolls, my annoying little brother who controls my life, chocolate, my name, even the TV remote. When I write I tend to experiment I try figurative language, personification, similes metaphors, I try to write multiple characters so that every character has their own voice, I don’t know about you guys but when I read I tend to have a different voice for every character based on their characteristics. I can honestly say I tried EVERYTHING. But still nothing came out on paper when I tried to write. I wrote all my favorite similes and metaphors, my favorite BOOM’s POW’s and SHAZAAM’s in different lettering and everything. I had all these thoughts in my head about everything but at the same time I still couldn’t put anything on paper because I didn’t know how to organize anything, you see I started writing at the age of 12. At first I wrote about my usual swing at the park, the time I lost my parents in the supermarket, my first stuffed animal from a boy I liked, just anything that came to mind. But as I sat there waiting for something to come to mind that I actually wanted to write about nothing came. I hated having this feeling, so I decided to go onto Google and look at topics to write about I tried to write about plants and animals but I hated both so I didn’t really have anything. So I just went and swam the other thing that I’m passionate about the only other time where I can just let loose and not think and just do what feels right. When I got to the pool and did 15 laps in the pool I realized that writing just comes to you. It doesn’t work when you force it upon yourself.

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