Bare Skin

July 21, 2011
Summer is here, but what it means to me is so different from most girls. I see my friends in short shorts and tank tops rather than jeans and t-shirts. Which is what I'm still wearing. Modesty. Humility. Girls can't wear revealing clothes...neither can guys but I still see my brother out in shorts. People who don't belong to our religion might think it's repressive. I see their point. But I don't think that was the intention. By showing less skin, a person can judge you on your personality, and you are safer with so little exposed. But I have to wonder, if in this day and age, is it necessary? I've always been an individual, a feminist. Saying girls shouldn't be treated the same because of biological or religious factors doesn't make sense to me. Yet I can't go outside with a miniskirt or a low cut shirt because everyone knows I can't. I don't want to be slutty or anything, but it would be nice to wear a dress, not having to worry that it's sleeveless and above my knees. It'd be nice to go swimming without worrying about how much skin is showing. It's my life, how I live, but once in a while, I wonder how it could be like to be someone else.

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