July 21, 2011
Years of learning has built me up to this—I’ve learned not to really expect anything out of life, and even though I may have hopes, when things turn out the way I didn’t plan for them to be, it’s okay. I might not be happy, but I take it as it comes and I put it behind me, so I don’t have regrets, so I don’t get disappointed, because no matter how badly I screwed up or how terrible something is, it happened for a reason, it’s made me into who I am today, and to change that, I just wouldn’t be myself anymore.
Because I don’t want to live in the past, and I don’t want to be consumed by worry and hatred all the time. It’s easier to be like this, indifferent and passive, because although life is hard, by doing this, it gets easier. Just in the slightest. And that’s what keeps me going, keeps me here.

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