Sexuality. The Truth Behind It All

July 20, 2011
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Such a beautiful, harmless thing.

But yet, SOME people can't except this simple fact:


Besides, it's they're choice who they are.

A word to the wise, if I may?


So shut it!

It's quite funny, actually.

How so many people are friends with someone of the same sex for so long, then their friend comes out and they never speak again.

It's because they're afraid that person will hit on them, right?

That's bull!

If that friend of theirs was going to hit on them, they would have.

Plain and simple.

Next time you--or a friend decide to gay-bash, think about this:

Your own best friend could be bisexual, gay, lesbian, or trans-gender but is afraid of what you might think.

Do you really want your friend to feel like he/she has hide that from you?

We are who we are and we all want to feel loved because of who we are.

A wise man once said, "We like people for who they are. We love them for their differences."

Stop the gay-bashing!

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