My Mother

June 1, 2011
By Boston Johnson BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Boston Johnson BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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“Whoop Whoop! Go Boston” Mom yells from the cold metal bleachers.
I dribble the ball up and down the hardwood, and shoot. As the ball swishes and cuts through the net, I hear the crowd scream in joy. But there is one voice that I hear above everyone else. My Mom.
“Good shot Boston! D up now.”
Hearing her voice after every shot and every defensive stop makes me want to work harder. I play basketball because I love the sport but also to make her proud of me. When I sit down from playing I look up at my Mom to see if she thought I played well. And every time she looks at me, she smiles at me while mouthing “Good job.”

She not only has been my biggest fan and supporter in basketball, she has also taught me life lessons to be a better person. The most important lesson that my mom has taught me, is to have a positive attitude. She always told me “Positive attitudes create positive results” This meant when the chips are down and nothing seems to go your way, keep your head up, stay positive and things will turn around for the better.
Another lesson that I have learned from my mom is to care for others and have compassion for others. My mom has always had my back through thick and thin. When I was in 4th grade math did not come to me easily. So every night my mom would have me take out my math assignments and she would work with me on my homework at the kitchen table. She made sure before every test I would have a strong understanding.

I admire my mom for being as strong as she is. I was 12 when my father left us. When my dad left us, my heart was broken. I didn’t know what would happen because I thought you needed two parents to have a happy family.
But my mother immediately took both roles by being mom and dad. With her taking both roles she taught me how to shave, giving me advice on and off the basketball court, and helping me with my homework. My mom had the strength to bring us together as a family of two and we overcame many obstacles. Like making sure I was at all my school and basketball events, while she made it on time to work and raised me by her self.
She put strong morals and values into my life. She taught and showed me how to be respectful to others; holding the door for the elderly when there hands are full with groceries, shaking a teachers hand and if someone has to many books in there hands and they drop something, that I should help them pick it up. My mom taught me to say please and thank you to others. She always made sure I was happy. She was always there for me and always had my back.

When I hear my mom cheering in the stands, I think of how good she is to me. How she is there for me, teaches me right from wrong and how strong she is. What she doesn’t realize, is though she is cheering for me; I am her biggest fan and supporter with everything that she does. I am there for her.

The author's comments:
i hope people will appreciate more on what there parents do for them

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