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July 21, 2011
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It would be impossible to count how many people I have met but it would be extremely hard to count on all ten fingers how many boys I have met. Some long forgotten, some better forgotten and some that should never be forgotten. But not long ago there was one I thought that would stick around longer than the others. I told him I would never fall in love and I meant it, but I soon realized that it was not love that blinded me from the truth but his slightly, red, orange and brown hair. You said one thing and did another, what were you trying to cover? And why could I the unbreakable Amazon not see it? I must have made you crazy to say the things I said and do the things I did. You hurt me bad, you were the stake to my vampire heart, the colorful band-aid in my pool but one thing is for sure you broke my impenetrable heart. I said you were unique but it turned out you were the same; I said I would never love but I was wrong. You said you were different from other boys, but if that was true then why did you share your love with someone else? I told you I never cry, and I didn’t but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to, have to, and need to. I put on a shield, a veil so that I wouldn’t get hurt but somehow, your annoying “so” or cheesy half smile or your eyes that constantly change color battled through, but you weren’t done you had to go for the heart of the matter, my Achilles heel. It struck home and hit hard and slow, a shocked expression slowly crept up my face and you left me there to clean up your mess. And somehow I know that after years, months, days, your stain will still reside on my white carpet because you were my first…but then again it’s impossible to count the people I will meet.

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