Faith In Humanity: Restored

July 17, 2011
By iamnotw391 BRONZE, Dover, Delaware
iamnotw391 BRONZE, Dover, Delaware
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Today was a bad day. No, today was a very, very bad day. The downward spiral began when I realized that my, already lagging computer, found itself prey to a virus that managed to sneak behind my antivirus protection firewall. While contemplating the what steps that I needed to take in order to rid my PC (Believe me, my next laptop will be a Mac) of this infection, I couldn't help but wonder "why?" about many things. For instance, what on earth would possess someone--anyone to attack a complete stranger and cause undue stress in their lives? The "computer hackers", who wreak havoc in the lives of their technologically challenged counterparts--what do they get out of it exactly? Why would someone who is so technologically savvy want to waste their knowledge by attacking others? Better yet, how much anger would a person have had to have bottled up in order for them to have generated enough hatred motivating them to randomly harm others in such a way. After pondering over these questions/thoughts, I must admit, I became less angry at the strangers who infected my computer. Instead, I began to feel sorry for them to be walking around with so much hatred/anger/or whatever evil motivates them to do what they do. I can't imagine how awful their day to day lives must be. Then again, maybe they don't care and it doesn't affect them like it should. I know I'll never know their motivation, but in any case, my feelings of blind empathy remain. However, before any feelings of compassion enveloped me, I first was somewhat angered. I felt violated. Furthermore, what little faith I had left in humanity seemed to be depleting even faster than before. So I went searching for ways to "get rid of" this particular virus, and what I found astounded me: Pages and pages of free help. Tech-savvy individuals, dedicated to bettering the internet/world in a small, but very powerful way. This help allowed me to restore my computer to its proper working order. These awesome individuals made my night as quickly as their enemies had destroyed it. And now, as my evening draws to a close, I have to admit, my computer wasn't the only thing that was restored tonight. Along with it, my faith in humanity was restored as well.

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