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July 15, 2011
By , Stansonburg, NC
I had it all. I was the star of my school's softball team, a straight A student, homecoming princess, and I had many friends. Blaine was strange and mysterious. He had thick dark hair and baby blue eyes. He had a strange aura around him, and I was drawn to it.

The day he asked me out, I was the happiest person alive. Our first date was dinner and a movie. He paid for everything which I thought was sweet. Before my parents picked me up, he kissed my hand and told me he'd see me tomorrow.

After our first date, Blaine and I were a couple. Period. He was really sweet at first. He took me out to movies and even bought me yellow roses (they were my favorite). He wanted to spend all his time with me, and I didn't argue because at the time I liked spending time with him.

The verbal fights started happening after I had started growing more busy. He constantly accused me of cheating, and stayed angry for days. I soon realized Blaine had issues.

At home, his dad would always hit his mother, and he would say he needed someone to change his outlook on relationships. Then I decided I would try to save him. Being my usual determined self, I began spending all my time to try to "save" Blaine.

The physical abuse didn't start until early January. He got mad at me for hanging out with my friends during lunch, and he punched me in the eye. The abuse continued to get worse with every fight, but he would apologize afterwords.

The pain of the abuse started to take a toll on me. I had withdrawn from everything, including my family, and Blaine became the center of my world. I thought that Blaine was the only one there for me until one morning in early April.

That morning, my friend Dylan saw me in a coffee shop with my mom. He said hi then started drilling me with questions. After 10 minutes of questioning, I finally broke down and told them everything. My mother was horrified, and Dylan was shocked.

Soon after that day, I was forced to break ties with Blaine, and I began to piece my life back together. I started going the therapy, and my friends quickly re-entered my life. They were horrified when I told them about Blaine, and they were there for me. Turned out I wasn't as alone as I thought I was, and I had all the support I needed.

To this day I still can't explain why I stayed in the relationship for so long, but that's not whats important. What's important is that I'm happy and healthy. I hope others learn from my mistakes and if you are in this situation, GET YOURSELF OUT OF IT! No one deserves to be hit, and know that someone cares.

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