No More Emos....Maybe

July 14, 2011
By , Toledo, OH
I promised myself I would never love another emo.Not after the last time. He was so depressed that he was going to commit suicide he tried to talk me into it but I told him no and tried to talk him out of it so he said that on the night of the full moon he would talk to me. that night I went over to his house just in time he had just cut his vein right open blood gushing out of it. "Troy you promised you wouldn't do this"I cried he grabbed my wrist and slit it also."Now you have no choice but to die with me" he whispered before he passed out. I called 911 and told them everything I stayed on the line with them as I bandaged his wrist the best I could trying to stop the bleeding not caring about my own wrist. When the paramedics came they announced him dead they told me I did good as I passed out. I woke up the next morning in the hospital. I was never the same way again. But in a way I was 10x more happy knowing what it's like to face death.I sworn off guys I mean I had plenty of guy friends but I never dated well that was until Daniel moved in next door. He was your regular emo. He was pale with black hair with bangs over his right eye and snakebites. But the two things that made him different was his piercing blue eyes and his hyper personality. I made myself hate him even though I loved him. We argued everyday nonstop even though I cried every night. Well on day that changed because of some meddling kids. My best friend Heather put me in a mini flowy skirt that was purple and a black tank top. She had my hair in waves and my lips glossed. She slipped flip flops on me and drove me to this party. My friend John opened the door "perfect just in time for 7 minutes in heaven. "Great" I said sarcastic taking my necklace off.I sat down on the couch watching people come in and out. In as friends out as couples. I was getting so depressed I sat on the couch cross legged and took the book I had in my messenger bag out and started reading."You are such a nerd. Who reads at a party" a voice that sent butterflies in my stomach said. " I'm not a nerd you're just a dork who's failing English.I'm bored this party is a waste of my time" I said mildly. "You just don't know what fun is" he scoffed "oh yeah right. You won't know what a passing grade in English is even if it bit you in the butt" I said finally putting my book down."That book can't be more interesting than this party" he said "oh please Daniel this book and this party is better than you and your face which is trouble boring" I said. "Sydney your turn" Heather said I rolled my eyes pulled out a dog tag and left inside the closet "don't kill each other" Tori said before shoving someone in and locking the door. They fell on top of me and I saw those same blue eyes that's been haunting my dreams for months. "Get off" I hissed "give me my dog tag" he said "let me think about it um NO" I shouted we started to wrestle but he was way to strong so he was able to pin me. "Ugh!Get off me you sumo wrestler" I shouted we started to shout insults to each other soon we were kissing.OUTSIDE CLOSET: "I guess that's all they're going to do" Heather signed then all of a sudden it was quiet. "Uh oh"John said " OH MY GOSH!ONE OF THEM ARE DEAD!"Tori shouted. "I knew we shouldn't have left them alone" Danny moaned. Sasha opened the door to see us kissing. "Or they're making out" she said weakly. Everyone cheered and high fives I just mumbled "go put a stick up your butt" and sat on the couch reading my book again except this time it was on Daniel's lap with his hand running threw my hair.I guess I can love another emo

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Pompom94 said...
Jul. 20, 2011 at 3:56 pm
This is a good piece.  I think it would benefit your writing style a lot if you worked a little on your punctuation.  You have some run on sentences that need work.  Other than that, good work. 
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