My Life as Kaitinn

July 14, 2011
"Hi. Just find your seat in the room. I have put nametags down." says the teacher. I look through the room, my names not there. "Great." I mutter below my breathe. My first year at public school and i wont have a place to sit. Thats just my luck.

Before i move on i might as well tell you some stuff about me. My name is Kaitlin. I am an only child. For all of my life until 5th grade i have gone to private school. Private school isnt all that. You have a really strict dress code. And its really uncomfortable. But you can get away with anything. If you get F's in all subjects on your reportcard, dont worry, you go to the next grade. But now i am stuck at public school for the rest of my life. And i will tell you about it.

"Umm, Teacher? I dont see my name anywhere." i say to the teacher. "Oh umm i am sure there is honey. Look one more time." she says in reply. I could feel everyone staring at me, breaking into my brain, taking out all the information they need to know im from a place where none of them has had the fortine to go. I feel embarrassed as i look one more time. "Uh, my name isnt here ma'am." i say hoping the kids will just ignore me. "Ok, just pick a seat, did you go to this district last year? You just probably arent in the system anymore." she says feeling sorry or frustrated. "Oh, um i went to private school." I say.

"Well then you certainly wont be in the system for a few weeks." She says giving me this look, that i hate. I go and pick a seat next to a girl named Raven... I saw it on the nametag.

Throughout the day no one really talked to me. No one really talked at all. I felt like an outcast there. Everything was so new. The next two days everyone talked more. But not to me. Finally i said something. I made a friend. One, but it was a start.

Over the next month i made more and more friends. Some from my neighboring class. There were about 26 kids in my class. Probably 19 were girls. The rest boys. I didnt like one girl though, but every one else i had talked to and made friends with. Only one of the boys liked me.... Like Liked me. His name was Shefrain. He had an afro. Even if he didnt i wouldnt go out with him. He was a nice friend though. One day near the end of the day, the conseler walked in and said we had some changes.

Those changes were our class was going to be moved to a different hallway. But some of us would move to different classes. One of those people being me. The thought of this wasnt bad though. I was going to move to my other teachers class. I had friends though. So it wouldnt be bad.

When i first moved there, it was quite because my new teacher took up my old teachers room and my old teacher moved to C hallway. After about a week everything was normal... i had met the people i hadnt met. Made friends with them and stuff like that. I was used to public school now. I relized how different, better it really was from private school.

When me and Nicole went to our elective we had to sit next to this boy. This boys name was Calvin Franco. I stared at him... but i was smart enough by then not to let him know that i was. Nicole nudged me with her elbow "Do you like him or something?" She whispered. "Uh... Maybe. Do you like him?" I said with a little tease in my voice. "No!!! Why would I!! But i know you do!" she said hinting at something. "How? Tell me. What do you know?" I said interested, and not knowing what was so wrong with liking him.

"Because!! You have not payed attention for like 10 minutes!!!!" she said. "Ohhhh! I thought he was like weird or something but i didnt see it!!" I said! "No!" she said laughing.

"Girls, Is there a problem?" Our health teacher asked, clearly not in the mood for horse play. "No Ms.Mercer" we both say at the same time. Great! Now i just got emabarrassed in front of Calvin! Or did I?


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Tiff_luvstigers said...
Jul. 22, 2011 at 7:10 pm
Uh well, Its a story about my life, duh. And anyways thats the first part. Its not suppossed to have a plot, its just what happened
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