A Perfect World

July 14, 2011
By Anonymous

I have the most ignorant parents alive,
they care way too much about me,
but what they don’t realize is that they actually kill me,
they tell me what to do, they tell me how to be ,
but i want things oh so differently,
my promise to you, is that one day i will run away so far from here,
i will run away from my grades, my success, i will run away from this pain.
what i want to do is so much different from what they want.
we are two completely different worlds.
what they don’t know is that i am depressed, that i’ve attempted suicide, that i have a psychological problem, that i love writing screenplays for movies, i want to be a film director, i love music very passionately, i want to be an artist, i want to help this world in so many ways, i want to design clothes, i want to design jewelry, i want to be a doctor to help third world countries, i want to write novels, i want to write poetry, i don’t want to go to Harvard, i want to experience this world, i just want to be free.
My parents know everything about me, but it is as if they know nothing.
words do not help them understand , they are just so stubborn .
if they only knew that i deeply hate my life, that i hate myself, that i need a hug, i need some compassion, some love.
one day i will escape from here, i will help the human race, i will do what i want to do, but from now i will be their little f***ing angel until i have satiated their pride.
thank you, my parents, for destroying my life.

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on Jul. 20 2011 at 11:21 am
uijohjjl SILVER, Fairfield, New Jersey
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im hanging in there. some days can be so beautiful but others just wreck my heart, you know? whatever this is probably just some teenage phase, but i'll keep going because yea how am i going to be all those things im passionate about if im not alive. thanks for your comment :) 

Lama said...
on Jul. 19 2011 at 2:03 pm

It's awesome that you know you want to help the world. Don't ever lose that out of your sight that is your mission. So suicide is out of the question because that way you never get to help the world...right?!

I feel for you, when I was about your age I had parents who wanted me to work for the government and I wanted to study music. ....I can only imagine how frustrated you must feel. I wonder if you can tone down their expectations of Harvard to another school? Harvard just isn't a good school for artists it's all about competition. And an artist can't thrive where there is so much competition. If not, do what you have to and know that whatever you study you can use it to help the world. The more you know there more you can help the world.

Please hang in there.


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