She is hurt.. broken away

May 10, 2011
By Anonymous

Hairs a mess, clothes are baggy, eyes are red, make-ups smeared, black writing is on arms; and then you walk in, with that same old grin and the lights are no longer dim. "You shouldn't be here," but as I look there's a tear on his face. He starts to pace, back and forth; back and forth... And I can tell he's nervous, and I become curious. Nothing... The room is still silent. Why did the smile vanish? "Please, tell me?" Then, a flow of tears fall from my eyes and slam on the wood floor. "What?" I whisper as my body quivers. The pain starts to drive through my veins. My arms are chilled to the coldest degree. My limbs no longer hold feelings. He gives me one last breathless look and then slowly walks out the door. As my chest tightens, I fall to the floor and wish I would descend away. I take a glimpse at my arms and then it hits me... I'm alone and my shattered heart is no longer whole... I'm broke in pieces lying on the floor.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece one night as I was sitting in my room by myself. I was thinking about how much break-ups hurt people at any age and the poem just flew out so easily. I really would just like it for people to read this article and respect the thought and feeling that I put into it.

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