Guys yuck

May 4, 2011
By Anikachu333 GOLD, Woodbridge, Virginia
Anikachu333 GOLD, Woodbridge, Virginia
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In life, things never come easy nor do they come free. Guys never are easy to comprehend and even if you make an attempt to meet them halfway, they won’t step forward and do the same. It’s kind of like moving one step forward, but going two steps backward kind of theory here. I think that no matter how much effort you put into a relationship something always comes short. When you both start to trust each other and things are going smooth, don’t think things are perfect because they aren’t.
I think in my opinion there are two main types of guys. There are many more, but there are two main types according to my beliefs and observations. There’s the guy who’s the all around nice guy and you think, “Hey this guys amazing and he’s a really good friend of mine so he has got to make an awesome boyfriend, right?” Wrong. He will start out in your eyes a pretty nice all around chill guy who you hang out with a lot and or talk to a lot, he’s very friendly, and he’s fun to be with. Now, please do yourself a favor and don’t ruin your amazing friendship. Because some guys like this start out as amazing good friends but to try to build up anything more will ruin everything. Reasons will be explained further on in a different section.
Main guy type number two is the guy who you think is so wrong for you then you start talking to him a lot and you think to yourself , “Oh my god, he’s not a bad guy lets try this thing out. And well this guy may or may not have family, personal, or school issues. You know the type of guy who tries to act all “hard” then he opens up to you about being an emotionally abused child? Yeah, that guy, stay away from him too. He will start off as a nobody to you, mean a lot to you and then when you realize that well this guys playing the sympathy/pity card you will not want to leave him because you’ll think to yourself, “Oh my gosh maybe I changed this guy for the better and I’m doing him a favor being there for him when his life has been so miserable and maybe he’s changing his “f*** the world” attitude just for me.

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