What's Important?

July 3, 2011
It is in some opinions that our society, country, and world are money driven. Individuals, groups, organizations, states, and governments are all thought to as some to work for one purpose and one purpose alone…..money.

In our day and age peoples ambitions are always set on the goal of how much money there making and spending. Where did the true ambitions go? Like working for yourself for your family and friends, working for your country to all together make a peaceful environment for the people around you. Most importantly, where did the ambitions go for simply working for you?

I wish that I could say we all work for an altogether place of well being. I wish that I could say we all see the point in working for others and seeing the worth in it. In today’s society the only way people know how to get there is with money.

The great Michael Jackson was a billionaire, an icon around the world, but each night when the king of pop would go to bed he never felt happy about himself and no matter how rich he was or how famous he was he couldn’t change the fact that he hated himself.

Billie Holiday once wrote in her iconic song “God Bless the Child”
You’ve got lots of friends
Crowding ‘round your door
When you’re gone spending ends.”

She had something there, she got the point and this was written in the early 1900’s it’s sad to know that since the 1900’s a lot has changed, money is a bigger and a more important topic. Where are the important things like love and simple things that make up a meaningful life? Live life, and let no one take that right from you.

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