I'm always right

June 8, 2011
By shyshy2233 GOLD, Mojave, California
shyshy2233 GOLD, Mojave, California
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this could always be worse<3

I'm always right when it comes to boys like you..
I knew id get hurt but went for it anyways..
I'm always right when I see something i want..
I'll try anything to get it but know in the end I'll lose more than i had..,
...I don't know why i keep trying. I fight and fight and even tho I'm losing and getting badly beat I keep going for it. Guess that's just shows how bad i want it. But i always get worse with things i never get. Guess some guys never change and i thought you were but I'm too hard headed to believe anything different than what i want to hear....
I'm always right the first tI'me i guess..
i knew this would happen but tried not to believe it..
I'm always right when it comes to boys like you..
I knew this would end like this,, i knew i would get hurt in the end...
and guess what i was right...

The author's comments:
about a boy i really liked who had a history of bad things,, my friends tried to worn me but i didn't listen and got hurt

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