My Parents' Divorce

June 3, 2011
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My parents divorce was really hard on my siblings and I. But I think it had more effect on me. I remember when they were together, they were almost always verbally fighting. I hated seeing them fight all the time. My brother and sister never saw them fight so they were clueless when they told us they were getting divorced. One problem they had was, my dad didn't want to give my mom the divorce. My mom told me it would be better for both of them. It took a while for my dad to say yes. Now that they divorced everything is more calm. My mom isn't stressed as much and neither is my dad. My brother and sister are pretty chill with them being divorced. Me on the other hand, I hate them being divorced. I understand its better for both but I miss having all of us together. What I dislike it that my parents still fight. All the time over the phone they fight. Most of the times that I go over to my dads I get mad at him or we start to discuss. There's a lot of stuff my dad to my mom .... he hurt her emotionally. All the time he brings up the reason they get divorced I?d rather not talk about it. My mom tell me not to fight with my dad and I try really hard. I guess things will work out little by little. I just hope they stop fighting for once. I love both of my parents and wish both the best.

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