The End of that Hallway

July 1, 2011
It was the last day of school. Most middle schools would be excited to finally leave school called hell. They'd hang out with their friends and celebrate the beginning of summer. My story, however, went differently. It was an average lunch with my mother, my brother and sister, and I. Cellphones aren't usually allowed during our lunches, but it was a difficult time. I remember every second of that awful day. There was chicken, rice, and mashed potatoes. I was about to insert the fork into my mouth when I realized my mom had answered the phone, flown down the stairs, slammed the car door shut, and left in a matter of 5 seconds. My fork was still in the midst of air, and I stared into my sister's eyes. What the hell was going on? I was trying to figure that out while the cars engine faded away. We decided to wait until someone called the house. The phone rings. My sister walks slowly towards it, and answers. The only thing she says is, "Get up, we're leaving, put your shoes on, the car's outside". I still, didn't know what to expect... On the back of my head, I guess I kind of started to draw out the possibilities, and to be honest I crossed out the most probable one... Denial, I guess. We walked into my grandparents house. We walked into a long hallway with doors on the side, my grandparent's room being at the end of the hallway. My mind slowed down and I began to focus on each step I took. I remember thinking, "No, no, no... It can't be! He's going to be fine! He'll be healthy and happy in no time". As I reached the end of that hallway, I saw the cleaning lady right outside the door tearing up. "S***", I thought. That's all that I could think. My mind temporarily shut down and my body just kept on moving by itself. I remember seeing a load of towering adults hovering over something. I squirmed through everyone and then, I saw him. My grandpa, my hero, my inspiration. There he lay, pale and lifeless, weak and motionless. I wanted to throw myself unto his bed hug him, cry, and say goodbye. My body just couldn't. My brain just couldn't instruct my muscles what to do. I finally reacted and when I was about to go and hug him, I got pushed away. "All children must leave the room", they said. All I know is I ended up in the living room. And that's when I realized he was dead. I threw myself to the ground and began to scream as I bawled.

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