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The Time I Went Beyond My Potential

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In freshmen year of high school we had to do this travel project which we chose three different countries to visit under a $10000 budget. My original project was a poster board with three countries and three different destinations for each. I chose Ireland, Scotland, and England. But, when it was due I looked at the people who created powerpoints and I was in amazement on how beautiful and organized their's were. So I decided to change my project around. But I didn't know that I would change my project so much.

The day that it was due was the first day of the Vancouver Olympics and I really didn't care about it then. So I just worked on my project converting it to a powerpoint. After I was done with that I played a game or two. And remembering that when I got home I heard about some guy in a fatal accident from somewhere which I really didn't care about. Then the next day I was "forced" to watch the Olympics. I kind of enjoyed it but still I played games and watched Disney Channel. Then the next day Sunday we watched a little luge on tv. I never heard of Luge before I only heard of bobsled so I was kind of into it and stuff. So I went on the Vancouver Olympics Official website and on there I discovered that the dude who was in the fatal accident died and stuff. So I was like wow and I looked at the article and everything and after that I played games. Then somehow in the middle of the night I decided to do a tribute to him for my presentation.

So the next day Monday, I didn't have school so I started working on it and I choose Georgia, Canada, and Ireland for my project. I looked at a tour for each country and put them as my powerpoint. It was fifty slides long and I chose a cool and interesting background for each slide, and added very cool text but it was all still readable.

Then at school when I presented my presentation I couldn't read most of the Georgian stuff but did well on the rest of my project. When I got my grade I had a 100% on it.

The reason why I told this story is because in one day I came up with a presentation, went online to find good tours, found 50 pictures for my backgrounds, and found cool text to put in my presentation. While waiting to watch some of the sports also. I never knew that I could do that much in one day until that day.

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