Sercert Stalkers

June 27, 2011
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During this last school year we did this class activity called secret stalkers. This thing we are doing in my class. Anyways I find it is silly that we are doing it for one week. Shouldn’t we make someone’s day every day? I believe that we should always make someone happy. Now yes I am going a little over the top . . . but I believe that you should make someone’s day every day! You don't need some to tell you to. It should come naturally. I guess not. God tells us to treat people the way you want to be treated. That means to me that ignoring and talking behind their back is not included. I mean like who wants to be ignored or gossiped about. NOT ME! I would rather be talked to and liked. Wouldn’t you? I think that it is hard to treat people the way you want to be treated. Just think everyone gets mad and then says something not nice or gets defensive. But I think we should also learn to think before you speak. This is also hard to do. Have you ever just taken a chance to think about what you are going to say think about what the motive is or whether it will hurt that person? I know I don't always and I regret not. This last school year I found out a personal secret about someone. Now in my mind this person is popular. I decided to say that I would say that I had the same secret. This was of course not true. The only reason I did this was to be liked more. That was the worst idea I ever had. I believe that what I did was very wrong. I lost my friend after that when I did tell the truth. I hope hearing this experience that you will, well think before you speak.
It was the devil trying to get me to realize that I am not cool. When in God’s eyes I am so cool and awesome. Losing a friend is hard. I was a terrible friend to her. I wish it had never had happened. I hate when things like this happen. It shows you just how powerful the devil really is. I am sorry God for what I did wrong I knew it wasn’t right. And I still did it. Thank you for being there and still loving me. You are an awesome God!!
To wrap this up I want to leave whoever is reading this with 5 important things to follow in life:
1. Think how your actions will end up in the end.
2. Be true to yourself.
3. We are all cool in our own special way.
4. Make someone’s day every day

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