The Day it all came into Perspective

June 25, 2011
By 8675309 BRONZE, Easton, Massachusetts
8675309 BRONZE, Easton, Massachusetts
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This day began like any normal day during the time my father lived among my mother, brother, and I. At thirteen I was frequently on edge due to the absence of logic in life with my father. He was odd to say the least. A genius IQ and the common sense of a toddler. Due to this I had to be more mature than the one who was supposed to be the mature one.
The car ride to school as usual contained the disputes over whatever came to mind. The man was pathetic. I went through the day of school as usual. Came home and isolated myself in my room for hours, which at this point was normal for me to do.
Close to about six my father walked into my room. He said, "Going out for a bit, I'll be back in a few." As usual I shrugged and went back to whatever I had been doing.
My father frequently would go out for a few hours and not tell me where, so for all intensive purposes I boldly assumed this was just another outing of his.

As time went on I began to wonder what was taking him so long to return. This prompted me to call him. He answered casually, I asked him where he was. His response was some town that had no real significance. Following that statement I began to question what he was doing there. To my surprise in the same casual manner to which he answered the phone he said,"I'm going to go live with my parents in Oklahoma." That statement so abrupt and unexpected was a major blow to my mind. How a man can just leave his family, his children so easily as if they were nothing. After those chilling words I freaked, what I said, I can't quite recall all I know is it was vulgar and insulting. But the most important thing I said was why? The only answer I received was,"well I wanted to rebuild my life and you've been kinda mean to me lately." Upon that statement more vulgarity came from me and then I proceeded to hang up. A rush of anger came upon me and then I burst into tears of sorrow and loss. I was left with a sense of abandonment.
Soon after I hung up my mother arrived. In my opinion my mom is incredible she always knows what to say and will put anyone's needs before her own. I couldn't hold the tears back as I explained what had happened. She hugged me in the way a mother shows true compasion for her offspring that made me feel more appreciated as if at least one person was there for me.
Following this my mother called my father's mother in Oklahoma about this whole thing. I can recall sitting in the bathroom with the window open just to hear what end of the conversation I could. I was appauled by what I heard. From what I was able to understand my grandmother was trying to say that I was lying and that he should leave with the way I had been speaking to my father. This hit me the hardest, yet I can't blame my grandmother my dad is quite good at convincing people that he is the just one. But out of this conversation I gained a higher respect for my mother and her determination to defend me from my father's false accusations.
That wreched night was two years ago last night and quite frankly I'm glad my father is gone it's better this way; my life is more relaxed and above all I am happy. I don't know what to think of my father right now and its probably going to be that way for the rest of my life.

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