The First Time I Came Here

May 31, 2011
When the first time I came to the U.S.A. I was scared to come because I thought that we did not belong here. The reason I felt that way is because the police was string at me with his big eyes. I was only 2 years old when I first came here and my sister was only 4 years old but she told me that he we did belong here and they were just checking us if we had an weapons or dangerous things in the car so then we got back in the car and drove away and my dad said that he had a surprise for us and I kept on saying “What is it!” and my sister said “Shhhhhh! he said that it was a surprise.” and I said “ok!”. When we got here he said there it is and it we thought that it was a big house but we went to the front of the house and it had 4 doors and we said “what is it!” my dad said “it is an apartment!” The next day I and My sister were outside playing and we met Marianna and we were playing freeztag and other fun games we usually stayed outside until it was really dark or our parents called us in. When summer was over we went to school for the first time. When we entered the class my new friend and I were scared but the good thing was that we were in the same class together. We got the nicest teacher in preschool the teacher we got was Mrs. Linda we still remember her but we do not see her no more we still miss her so much Marianna and I are still best friends sense then. When the school year was over I went to a deferent school and my sister and I did not see her until we got home we played together. When I was going to go to 5th grade my sister, brother and I got recommend to a privet school I got a nice teacher her name is Mrs. Bruster and we still see each other like she will ask my dad and mom if I could go with her to go eat on some Wednesdays but now I haven’t seen her for a month and sometimes I wonder what happened to her? I also left her little notes because my dad works there near her. From that year in 5grade I love school and I am glad I came to the US and I met all thous teachers the last few years!

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