May 30, 2011
By Julia Alcox BRONZE, Park City, Utah
Julia Alcox BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Perfection is hard to come by most of the time, impossible really. It slithers into your thoughts when you least expect it to. Always there, watching you when ever you mess up, It doesn’t give you a second chance. Perfection is the most powerful, cruel, controlling thing out there. To bad it doesn’t exist. Girls try so hard for every last detail to be as close to perfect as they can get, but never good enough for themselves. The thought in every girls mind is, “You are not perfect, so you are not good enough.” Girls may not say it out loud but they think it, every moment of every day.

Every girl has to have the right clothes, the right hair, and the perfect skin. It’s a fact of life. If you do something that is not ‘cool’ your reputation will go down a little. If you do the same thing again, don’t come to school the next day. Parents don’t understand, it is not there time frame. So girls do not know who to ask. Parents are out of the question, siblings will make fun of you, and friends will never forget it if you tell them. Everyone has to depend on just themselves a lot of the time, which is not easy. The oldies may think its easy, “Your just a kid, your life is as easy as it gets.” They are so very wrong in every way imaginable.

Who wouldn’t want to spend an hour or two every morning at 5 a.m just to look ‘good’? What ever happened to natural beauty? Well that is gone. I blame the girl who looks as close to perfect as you can get. Everyone tries to be just like her. So they creates a bunch of girls acting and looking the same. No originality and no variety. Then finally your good enough? Congrats.

I learned from writing this how pointless girls are, how they all try to be something they are not. I am one of those girls, excellent.

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