Behind Closed Doors.

June 20, 2011
By Anonymous

He's Too Young To Be Dealing With This!. & It's Getting To Late To Escape Away From This For Me & Her.

I Try Not To Watch Or Listen As This Goes On, But Also I Try To Speak For The Ones Who Can't Speak For Themselfs So I Speak For Him.

What's Happening To My Family?. I Have To Be Strong For My Mother, My Brother, My Father, My Uncles & Then Myself?. My Little One Says He Doesn't trust Anyone, That He Doesn't Trust Me Or Himself . I'm Not As Strong As You Lord. I Cant Carry The Troubles Of Every One Upon My Shoulders. I Speak To You, But I leave You Speachless. Move Along To The People Who Need You More Than I,Because I'll Do This On My Own. I'm Done Speaking to You. I Don't Hate You, But I HATE Myself. The Way I See Him Run Because He Is So Afraid The Way I Hear Her Scream. The Way I See Him Complain Of Trying To Make A Living For Us. And The Way I Want To Escape, But I Can't Because They'll Be Lost And Afraid Without Me,...They Need Me. They All Do. I Cry As I Write This Down, Because I Wonder When Will The Lost Get Found?. I Want Out!, But I Don't Want Help I Want To Do This On My Own, I Don't Want To Cry Infront Of Them So I Swallow My Tears. I Let Them Cry Out While I'm the Strong One. Why Is It That Our Family Has Torn Apart?. Nothing Is Perfect They Say, But These People Are. Deep Inside They Are, But When This Broken Home Becomes More Than Just A Nightmare, But Reality? They Become The Imperfect People Who They Believe Is All They Have Ever Known To Be. There Isn't Much To Say Anymore I'm Getting Lost Into My Thoughts So I Want to Stop Writing But Continue Telling The Story Of US, It's Not Just Him Anymore It's US!. I Can't Help Every One Else With Their Problems Untill I Help My Family First.

And To Who Ever Reads This I Don't Want Any Advice Or For You To Feel Sorry For Me.

I Just Wanted To Make My Self Feel Better, Writing Helps Me A Lot More Than A Suicide Attempt.

The author's comments:
And He Says He Feels Invisable Like No One See's Him Or Hears Him. :

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