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An Anarchist's Existentialism

June 21, 2011
By AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
AnarchistHeartland ELITE, Washington, District Of Columbia
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As an outsource for turbulent emotions and existentialism, I believe inherently our desires as a human race are balance on an invisible "mental plane" and an entirely different way of thinking from our non philisophical bretheren. As such, I must admit, that balancing the concept of "correct" and "true" within my spirit is a constant confliction betwixt waxing and waning emotions and logical response.

Who we are as a human race is an idea of quite vexing circumstances. For example the notion of what is "morally acceptable" or legally just is a differing view for everyone. Though some group associated thinking will surely latch onto an idea and re-enforce a genreally accepted thesis on what is accepted by the mass norm or general population of people for numerous reasons. Peer pressure, moral and legal support, and popularity amongst other things. As an agent of rebellion of all kinds I frequently call into question the logic and methods of any group or association, Even ones that I identify with or may agree with on a minor or substantial basis, Alienation is one such emotion which I exhibit on a frequent basis at regular intervals. Alienation is quite often experienced by anyone dissatisfied with a social norm or gathering. For any number of reasons too.

1. Failure to accept a group and or mass idea in theory, objectively or subjectively

2. Failure to conform to a pre-requisite of a social standard or law

3. Failure to identify with a common ground or example of an organization

4. Dissatisfaction with the methods of a group, be they moral, legal, or emotionally/logically incompatible with ones own views.

5. Failure to accept an action based off religious viewpoints or scientific standpoints

6. Failure to oblige by a community's laws and or obligations

7. Emotionally distraught with a decision made by a group or organization

8. Performs best as the "loner" and not the "team player" preferences alongside doing solo activities for any kind of reason.

9. Abstract thinking which to the common ground or way of socially acceptable behavior/thinking has no relevance of staying power

10. Anxiety or nervous guilt within said group I.E another emotional turbulence

" Any intelligent fool can take something and make it more complex, and more violent. But it takes a touch of genius, and touch of courage, to move in the opposite direction, and keep something peaceful, and simple "

In conclusion I find that when push comes to shove and man, woman, or child is pitted against their own wits, or emotions, external or internal conflicts, and they become disenchanted with a gorup's way of thinking, their own independent research, and growth, be they spiritual or mental/emotional, may commence.

The author's comments:
Teenage Alienation from society as a whole

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