things just happen

June 18, 2011
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There is no such things as soul mates, destiny, meant to be, or any of that crap... I dated this guy for like three years thought that we were going to be together FOREVER. which was a bunch of load of crap. Then i dated this guy that was way to freaking old for me which i thought that maybe this was something but realize that was crap to lol. but the more i think about it I'm dating this guy who doesn't even wanna hang out with me...... in this world there are two different kind of people man and women and which you will realize men are sometI'me irresponsible and women are to Nagy. we women play these games for instances (we make new accounts to see if the guy likes us or to see if our boyfriend is cheating on us) but for men (we play video games talk to other chicks don't wanna hang out with our girlfriends.) but ounce in our life we think she is the one this is for real. but in reality they just came out of the blue and then walked right back into it. you don't know if that person is the one or if maybe if they are not... but things weren't meant to be you make that future.... Things just happen

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