How I Changed When I Entered Middle School

June 15, 2011
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In sixth grade I never received good grades, going into seventh grade as a motivated student; I change myself as a person and student. I stopped procrastinating; I became more responsible for my work, and most of all I made better grades. I didn’t just wake up one day and automatically make these changes; I had help from my friends. My new friends and some of my old friends helped me succeed my goal to become better.

Staying on top of things wasn’t the easiest thing to do. I had the constant staying up late, and stress. Sooner or later I became tired of doing the same thing, un-wantingly every single night. So I decided to fulfill my goal that I had coming into 7th grade, to be better. I was having a tremendous start, getting my work done and actually knowing what was going on when I walked into a class room. My first taste of victory was amazing.

Going into seventh grade I reacquainted with some of my old friends. My new/old friend Hayley helped me succeed most out of anyone. She helped me study and re-taught me stuff that I didn’t understand. She was probably the person who inspired me more to become a better student. In the middle of the second quarter I was officially done being the person with C’s and D’s. I had all A’s, but one B. I felt so accomplished and happy. The thing that brought me down was that my mom told me we were going to America; while school was going on!

Of course going to America would be awesome, but I knew my grades were going to go down if I left. I was so frustrated with my self; after all that hard work I did it was all going to be for nothing. I collected all my work from my teachers and started doing it in Japan, I came a month later and my grades were not as fulfilling as before. I had two C’s, 2 A’s, and a couple B’s. By the end of the quarter near exam time I actually had an F in Language Arts.

After getting my grades reasonable again, I change my whole school attitude. This being the second semester, I now do my homework and assignments the day I get them. I study before hand, and in my opinion I am a whole new student.

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amyah said...
Oct. 31, 2016 at 3:11 pm
Glad Too Heard This Can I Use This .......... Nawl I'm Just Kiding But Good Luck
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