Timber Ridge Lodge

May 26, 2011
By Haley.Scott52 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
Haley.Scott52 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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I packed for the trip of a lifetime. I was just 8 years old and my mom was going to take my brother and me to the infamous Timber Ridge Lodge in Grand Geneva, Wisconsin. I watched commercials for this luxurious hotel and water park for weeks. Sure it might not have been as great as the largest indoor water parks in the dells like the Kalahari or The Wilderness, but I didn’t know any better back then. I just knew I was going somewhere big with lots of water slides.

My legs shook in the car as I anticipated our arrival. I asked over and over again if we were there yet like the-annoying-little-kid that I was. When we finally arrived, my mouth dropped with the huge wooden doors in front of me. My mom opened them and I ran inside to the high ceiling, lodge feel of the lobby. Then I immediately noticed the back wall window that showed the water park. I stood there smiling and my brother walked up to me. We starred through the window. The blue slide was like a roller coaster with drops and speedy turns. The red one was just one giant drop. The green ride was a huge dark tunnel that tubes can fit down. I told him that we were going to go on every single water ride and wave pool too! Of course he wasn’t as excited as I was and he shrugged me an okay and we walked back to my mom.

After settling in our room, I begged my mom to take us to the water park. She agreed and I ran through the hotel hallways with my mom and brother following behind. I did indeed go on every single water ride. Multiple times. I could have kept going for hours, but my mom said we had to go eat. That was pretty much our routine for the time we stayed at Timber Ridge. It was eat, sleep, water park. I absolutely loved it. The last day came so fast and I wanted to cry. I had to say goodbye and we then made the long trip home.

About 6 years later, my friend Shannon asked me if I’ve ever heard of Timber Ridge Lodge in Grand Geneva. She said that her family owns a condo there and that I was invited to go and stay a weekend there with them.

"Yes!" I screamed immediately. Then I went on a rant of how I love that place so much and the rides there are amazing.

I was pretty excited the morning we left. We all piled into the van and hit the road. I put my head phones on, turned up the music, and almost fell asleep. We arrived shortly. The car ride was so much shorter than I remembered. We entered the lobby and I dropped down onto the couch next to Shannon. Her parents handed us the room key and we were off on our own. We relaxed in the room for a little and then we headed to the water park. I was a little disappointed with how small the water park seemed. We just enjoyed our Dippin' Dots by the pool side. The water slides did not amuse us at all. The only time we went on them is if Shannon's little sister begged us to take her. The most fun of the trip was dressing up and going out to dinner. We always do that and take lots and lots of pictures. Other than that, the trip was mainly full of relaxation. Before long it was time to go back home.

I have not been to Timber Ridge Lodge since this last trip there. It amazed me how the fun and giant water park changed into a small childish play area. How the year long drive changed into 45 minutes. And how the excitement and energetic fun changed into a trip of relaxation. In just 5 years.

The author's comments:
This piece is of an experience of mine that has changed since i have grown up.

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