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May 26, 2011
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He looked me straight in the eyes and lied. He lied like a pathological liar looking for a way out. But he was my controversy and we were pure perfection. We were like the wind and the air, a stem to a flower, the light to a day. Perfection is truly what broke my heart.

To this day I shake at the thought of what he made me become—vulnerable, weary, hurt. I could not see the lies beneath his beautifully crooked smile. He did not care for me like I did for him, he was not as sorry as I was for being with him, and he did not try like I had every single day. In the end, our relationship was not worth continuing—not stable. Relationships are built on a foundation. This I believe.

Friendships and all relationships are in fact made upon some sort of foundation. A foundation consisting of trust, honesty, faithfulness, candor, discretion, hope and love. But it also involves mistakes, regrets, conflicts and lapses in judgment. In my eyes the words perfection and relationship go together like water and oil—never completely mixing. The base on which a relationship evolves from lets us understand the complexity of the situation. The thought of a basis in the past has never crossed my mind like it has today.

As his arm lingered around my shoulder, I watched him. I watched him as his eyes gleamed in the twilight, as his cold breath floated from his mouth, and as his hand gripped tighter on to mine. Still watching him I whispered “two months”. That’s all it took, two months to build a strong connection, one that I could honestly be happy in. Of course we have had our share of breaking moments but as much insanity he brings me; I know truly he makes me sane.

Truly a stable relationship does not happen over night. There are many things that go into building a strong solid relationship. The values we share are our compass, so to speak. We go through life not acknowledging the signs of how things should be in a steady bond. But one should not avoid the main sign; hard work. Situations occur on a daily basis but an upsetting event should not be an occurrence to be dwelled upon. One must let it go. It is only one chapter in a book.

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