Bowling with Friends

May 26, 2011
By jessecase BRONZE, Park City, Utah
jessecase BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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I like to go bowling with my friends. A new bowling alley called Jupiter Bowl opened in my town about a year ago and lots of kids from my school go there every Friday. There are a lot of blinking, glowing lights that flash on the ceiling and down the edges of the lanes. There's a restaurant there so you can order things like pizza, fish and chips and onion rings and fried calamari, which are my favorite. They play lots of loud music, like Black Eyed Peas. The bowling shoes are very tight and they hurt your feet when you stomp on the ground. I get the small-holed 10 pounder ball, or the medium holed 9 pounder. The 10 pounders are always purple with yellow stripes; the 9 pounders are greenish yellowish with yellow stripes.

Bowling with friends is very fun because you have competition. I like to have head to head bowling. Just the only downfalls are: One, sometimes when you're winning the game can glitch out and not give you the full points you deserve. And two: If you don't have the bumpers then you might get a gutter ball. One thing I like about Jupiter Bowl is that on the computers you choose a theme like “energy” or “Halloween “and every time you get pins knocked down depending on how many, cute little characters on the computer screen either mess up on doing a stunt like getting shot out of a cannon and not having a lot of power so they just fall to the ground. Yesterday when I bowled with my friends, I got second place in the first round and, then in the second round I got first place. Jake Farquarson got a strike and then a spare on the last bowl, but it only gave him 8 points. When he was at the score of 55, he should've gotten like 119 points. I got 101 points. We got a good laugh over it and kept teasing each other about it after.

Going bowling is a fun thing to do on weekends with your friends especially when it's snowy or rainy and you can't do anything else outside.

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