Nasty Lady

May 26, 2011
By Burnzee BRONZE, La Mesa, California
Burnzee BRONZE, La Mesa, California
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I’m having trouble sleeping, I always do. So what I usually do is think, think about past experience, how I could have altered them, yes very crazy. Its 12:17AM the new is 17minutes in and I’m thinking about this time, in October near Halloween my mother had taken my sister (14), brother (7), and I to my little brothers school for some kiddie festival I went of course cause I care for my brother and he asked. There were games, activities. There was this one game in particular I believe it was called “cake walk” the goal was to walk around on these stepping stones, well not stepping stones but numbered papers, you walk around these to the sound of music, Halloween music to be accurate. I remember this because this Halloween song kept playing I’ve never heard it and it was a cool little jam it sounded like an early greaser rock type thing I liked it, the singer would yodel as he sang, that is when I saw her, a mother in her mid 30’s I believe at first I had no problem with her and her litter of children [around seven]. They joined the game all of them except the mother whom sat this game out. The game is like “Russian Roulette” completely random you walk along these numbers, the music stops you stay where you are, and a number is called out, the beholder up on that number wins a cake. There were like 20 cakes give or take and around 40 numbers. So theses 7children line up, the music starts, I watch, time passes, cakes leave the table, only to materialize in front of me in front of the lady, her children are winning and every time I blink there’s another cake “Big woop!” who loves cake that much not I then the most arrogant, rudest, monster came over this lady whom now resembled a football players prancing around after they have made a touchdown, the showboating and nerve of this lady made me simmer I wanted to say, “take your ass and pack of dogs (kids)with you!” I was furious with the behavior of the lady, how she got my attention then and etched a memory in my cranium now. Oh I’ve never been one to ignore and them enjoy this kind of stuff nor am I a talker I let my eyes speak for me so I managed to give her my siginture eyes which pierce your soul and hurt your ego, but I’m no jealous type when it comes to matters like these but you might think otherwise but for my counter argument it was cake “for Pete’s sake!” and who the hell is this Pete why him? So back to the lady I do not like you.

P.s. I hope you didn’t have milk. Ha!

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