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May 26, 2011
By girlsknowhowtoparty SILVER, Loveland, Ohio
girlsknowhowtoparty SILVER, Loveland, Ohio
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If life gives you lemons - throw them back and demand tacos!!!! O-O

I sit in the chair waiting for the doctor to come out and judge me. I am only 11 at the time and hardly even know why im here. the words are "ADHD" and "ADD" and "asbergers" are the reason why im here. They call me in and set me down at a chair and test me. I sit there for hours staring at there smiles that magiclly never leave there face. The room smells like lemons. They test how dumb i am with a big smile. I think i must be stupid because the speak to me like i am in kindergarden.

Im on my way home and i look out the window and ask why im getting all these tests . my parents respond with a smile like the doctors and say "Its gonna help you."

Im getting another therapist. i have so far been diagnosed with adhd and add and asbergers.I have a little case off ocd. I walk into the tharipsts room and she first tells me thst she will never judge me.Her pearly white teeth showing.We start are session and she starts judging me at everything i say and tries to catch me. I avoid her jabs with laughs and a forced smile.
Just another tag. Though i dont say it i know its true im just another tag.

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