The Fake & The Truth

May 25, 2011
The will to strive, the will to survive and the will to thrive are so alive but yet they're fading into the dust.
I rather not express why I cut. I like to keep things to myself, please don’t drown in your worry baby. I’ve overcome those days. For I was a fool, a fool to have fallen for you, so hard. I’m stronger now then ever before. I don’t cut anymore, nor will I ever again. I don’t have a reason to anymore, my life is simply perfect as it is, now that your out of it. Thank you, for showing me, what heartbreak puts you through, and thank you for showing me, I can be the bigger person. You’ve made me realize how pathetic you were to lie to me, only when you could have told the truth all along. I have another boy now. Maybe this time, he’ll take that missing place in my heart, instead of hurting me more.
Don’t let anyone tell you, that your not strong enough, because you are. Don’t let one person get you down, for you will have many more to get you back up. Don’t be foolsih and cut, or go through bulimia. There are much easier ways to get over somebody. I used to cut, please don’t judge me but I didn’t have anyone there for me, and I didn’t know any other way to handle the pain. My parents wouldn’t understand, I don’t have a bestfriend, and that left me with nobody really. I overcome that, with strength, hope, and more. It wasn’t easy at first, it was like an addiction. I did eventually get the self-control to stop. I still have scars till this day. Nothing’s easy, it’s life and that’s a fact, but if you believe, and have that one person there for you, or the self control and hope, you can be the change. You are beautiful. Inside and Out.

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