Hold on to Love

May 25, 2011
Love is love. And it can appear in an instant. That's what's important I suppose.

Putting yourself out there for an extra couple minutes in an attempt to create a long-lasting friendship is definitely worth it. Even if sometimes, it ends in rejection. Giving up is not going to help you. But not giving your all would lead to that anyways.

Whatever you do, do it with all your courage and all your heart.

Even if you can't find your one true love as quick as you want to, you can still put yourself out there to new people. Doing that does the second best thing love can create, friends. Every single person would be more miserable if they didn't have at least one other person to lean on. So if your taken by someone or not and you have a friend that longs for love, support them all the way! If they fail, you tell them to never give up, their time will come. If they succeed, celebrate with them.

Friends are the cure to broken hearts. We can't let pain get the best of us.

The one thing, to never do though, is rush yourself. If you rush yourself, you could be making all the wrong choices. Which would be, being with the wrong person and getting a broken heart, rather than taking a moment to breathe and finding the right peson who will protect your heart.

Whether it's fate, or chance, or luck, or coincidence, love will find you as long as you stay willing and hopeful.

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