Rising Gas Prices

June 15, 2011
By Anonymous

Rising gas prices have been an issue for the past couple of years. An issue that needs to be taken care of. These prices have been on the rise over some recent months and affect anyone who is over 16 and owns a car. Gas prices should be lowered and kept constant throughout our lifetime.

Many foreign countries give us our gas and have no problem with rising costs. They know that we are dependant on gas and that we will pay whatever it takes to make sure we can get from home to work each day. This is a very smart strategy to make these decisions. However, while they are cashing paychecks, we become the ones suffering economically. Is this really what America wants? Well the answer is NO! America has been through enough and does not want to or deserve to suffer economically over gas prices.

The crisis in Lybia has made the prices of gas go up in recent months, now reaching around four dollars a gallon. This is forcing people to cut back and change spending habits. Changing the way people spend money will make the economy go down. Local hotels and businesses won’t make enough money and potentially have to shut down. Tourist spots will also not be as busy since nobody wants to pay for gas to drive there. You know, how are today’s early drivers going to get well paying jobs if they can’t afford gas to get there? Sure you can take a bus, but how far will that get you? Plus you have to pay for the bus as well and they only run in cities. So, people out in the country are stuck with having to pay for their own gas. It’s time for a change, America. Get these prices down. We should start carpooling more or everyone should just switch to hybrid cars. These will decrease the demand for gas and possibly lower prices.

If nobody acts now, then where are we going? Maybe it’s time to start using our own oil reserves and make our own gas. In the U.S, gas prices effect everyone and it is time to change our ways before everyone is forced to cut down on their normal lives. This is America and we shall not have to suffer.

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