The Cafeteria Stretch

June 15, 2011
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Lunch time at my high school is the happiest time for the students. When the 12:15P.M. bell rings; every single child in the school sprints straight for the cafeteria. All you can hear is the scampering of feet, running through the school charging for the lunch room. From my A3 class room, lunch is a rough adventure. That class is literally right across the hall from the lunch room. By the time my classmates and I reach the middle of the hall, the students from the choir room come out and start to shove and push.

Being a seventh grader during lunch time is somewhat complicated. You’re the smallest person out there, by size and grade level. Even though some people in the seventh grade might be 61’’, it still is a back breaking journey to get from their third class of the day to the lunch room. Leaving my B3, I see many different flocks of students running from several different directions.

Arriving at the lunch room, all you can see is this enormous line stretching from the front of the lunch room where the cash register is, all the way to the hallway door at the back of the cafeteria. The joy of rushing to the lunch room on time is most likely the best feeling of the school day. Some days when you get there early, the expressions on your friends’ faces are breathtaking as they plead to come up with you.

After you have received your lunch, the other difficult task you are given is finding a seat. Finding a seat shouldn’t be that hard, but for some students, it is. Some students might have a normal sized group of friends that will save your spot. But, for others, they might have to fight just to get a seat by their friends. For instance, where I sit I always have to get there first, or another person might try to snag my spot. Some people have a permanent spot, like Taegen; she has Taegen’s corner. And, Savannah Bernabe, she has Savannah’s corner.

My advice to you is, if you are a student at this school, especially a seventh grader, your best bet is to be fast in cardio. Additionally, you should try and make many friends that will save a seat for you. Lastly, make you sure you wear the shoes that are most appropriate for running as fast as you can through the school, like a maniac.

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