The Junk Yard

June 15, 2011
By tyedye SILVER, FPO, Other
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A great day for most people ends great, but my great day ended at the hospital. It was a usual day hanging out with my friends. Becoming bored and a little bit lazy, we decided to go to the junkyard. We’ve never been there before, but we heard a lot about it from out classmates. The interesting, fun stories we heard made us all want to go and see it for ourselves. Deciding to go, we all rode our bikes and ventured into the junkyard.

The long, bumpy, dirt road leading us into the junkyard ended with two path ways, one to the right and another one to the left. First, we agreed to go to the right, and so we did. The first thing you see when you go to the right is a medium sized hill that goes up into the first section of trash. Following people up the hill, all you can see is pile, after pile, after pile of people’s garbage. After a few minutes, we got bored and wandered over to the left side of the path way.

The left pathway led you to a very steep hill that goes up into another trash section. Going up, all you can see is grass, but when you walk around you see a gigantic hole in the ground with nothing but rock, floor tiles, and all old types of concrete. Being curious, my friends and I went down into the hole and walked on the rocks and played around. We all soon discovered that some of the rocks were somewhat loose.

With the knowledge of there being unstable ground, my friends and I climbed our way over to the other side of the hole. On the other side all that lies is a hill going down into more rocks and trees. Becoming un-fascinated, we went back into the hole and made our way over to the other side. Being the last person to go into the hole I made my way down carefully and managed not to fall going down. But once I stepped on the flat level in the hole, I wildly tripped on one of the unstable rocks and fell.

At first, my friends and I thought it was just a minor trip, no big deal. But when I got home that night, my hand was in major pain. I went and I told my mom that it was bothering me, and she checked my hand. She moved it aroundto see if it hurt in this area or that area with me saying ouch to almost every movement. She immediately drove me to the hospital here on bast to get help.

Waiting impatiently, I focused on my finger. Looking at it, I was amazed with the color change; one minute it was purple and the next it was green. Finally, the doctor walked in and examened me. He asked me what happened and how long ago it occurred. After answering, he poked and moved my hand around. Getting the same impression my mom did; he took me and my mom to the x-ray room.

After taking a look at the x-rays and examining them well, he told my mom that I had chipped the growth plate in the right hand ring finger. I was a little disappointed because baseball season was coming up, I asked my mom how long I had to have the finger cast on. She and the doctor said about a month. After getting the cast, my mom and I felt and want to go back home.

Sleeping in pain that night, I wondered how people were going to react the next day. I thought they were going to be cool about it. “Oh, you have a broken finger. Hope it heals quikly.” You know, stuff like that. But no, in my poinion, people were over reacting a little. But thankfully, it ended the first day I had it on at school. The endless sloppy hand writing, the trouble with holding stuff, and the pinching pain soon came to an end, and here I am today. I still have a compressed right hand ring finger.

The author's comments:
This story is a true story, that happened to me at a junk yard near my house.

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