Listened to No

May 13, 2011
By Anonymous

I bet you don’t even know what you have done to me. I bet every time you look at me you see what you’ve done. I want to take it back. Either that or I want you back. Time has gone by but I still wait for you. I wait for that text, that call or that email. It never comes.

I think back to last Christmas. I remember those sweet things you said. I remember those nights when you held me. I remember that day that everything changed.

Twice did you tell me you wanted to move on. Twice did you tell me just one more time. Twice did you tell you that I was your everything.

We planned on marriage. We planned on kids. We planned on a little house. We planned on where, when, and how. We planned on being together.

You promised me things would be different. You said things will change. You told me you loved me and you always will. You said you wouldn’t hurt me. You did.

Did you know how I felt? Did you know what I was thinking? Did you think of how this would hurt me? Did you think?

Time has passed now and I know I must move on. It is so hard when your name is always brought up. It is so hard not to cry when someone says something about “us.” It is so hard to forget.

I feel abandoned. I feel like giving up. I feel that hurt of so long ago. I feel like you don’t even remember me. I feel like I’ve been used. I feel like I don’t matter. If only you would’ve listened to no.

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