my story behind the scarf

June 11, 2011
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I wear a scarf over my head. Ok, big deal. I have had a lot of kids say so many things about my scarf, my religion, and about myself but I am still a human being and I have feelings. The way kids say mean and nasty things make me want to just drop out of school and stay home.
Before 9/11,1 had respect. Whenever my family and 1 would go outside, we would not hear any bad comments. We would actually feel like we belong and not feel like a outcast. But after 9/11, everything changed. That's when the nasty comments began, but there was one moment that shocked me.

I remember one time when I was in 3rd or 4th grade, this kid said a comment so loud and the whole class heard it even the teacher laughed or just nod her head. It's like the whole world is a cruel place. I mean, what's the point of going to school if all you can go home with is what the kids have said about you. It's like there is not one nice person in the world.

I remember when 8* grade had started and I was new. It was my 4* period. The teacher gave us new table seats. This boy at my math table had called me a "terrorist". I looked up from my paper and just stared at him. Two other people heard and just said "ooooo". But nobody said or did anything to defend me. My blood started to boil. I was in shock. But they act as if it was ME, who bombed the place. I wanted to tell the teachers or my parents but there was no use, they would just say to ignore it or even if he did get in trouble he would do something to get back at me. But this is Middle School; I couldn't let these small comments get to me.

Sometimes I would feel bad for the person who is teasing me because maybe they don't know anything about the importance of the scarf. They should know that my scarf does not mean I will bomb the place. The scarf doesn't mean I am a terrorist. It doesn't mean I was the person who bombed the twin towers. My scarf doesn't mean anything, you think it does. It means women having respect for their religion and culture.
When people misjudge Muslim women, they are being prejudiced. Just because they don't know the real importance doesn't give them the right to go and make fun of religions. In the future, I hope things are fair for Muslims and I hope discrimination the Muslims and myself that are facing will soon come to an end. Also I hope nobody has the same problems as me.

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