I Still Miss You

June 10, 2011
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I miss you. How could you leave me? I'm not the only one either. Your mom is trying so hard to be strong, but she shouldn't have to. You should have worn your seat belt. You have gotten into several accidents where the seat belt saved your life, reckless driver that you were.
Remember that time you came to stay with us for a while? You brought your Xbox (you never left the house without it). You would rather play with us then play with it, though. However, my favorite of all my memories of that time is when you were playing a kinda violent game (I wasn't allowed to watch violent games, but my mom let me with you, because you are Cameron and everybody loved you. Nobody could say no to you.), and I started out watching you. You kept dying, and I still have that section of that game memorized. After a while though, I was just so content sitting next to you. I closed my eyes, so happy to be with one of my favorite people in the whole wide world.

Cameron, I'm so upset. You always would pull me on your lap, from the time I was seven and you were fourteen, saying loads of boys would start chasing me any day now. You said if any of them broke my heart, you would track them down and "take care of them." No matter where you lived, you would always have time to come down to make sure your little cousin Brittany is okay. The day after you got into that car accident and I was checking on your mom (my Aunt Shirley)on of the first things she did was pull me into a hug and tell me she would take care of the boys for me now.

There is no way she will be committed as you were. You adored me.

You know I love Aunt Shirley, but she would never drive 500 miles over to my house just to feed me cookie dough until I'm all better. You would. It's been 29 days, and the pain is not getting any better. I'm just getting better at dealing with it.

Love you forever,


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