Reaching the Summit

June 10, 2011
By HannahP BRONZE, Stow, Maine
HannahP BRONZE, Stow, Maine
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An array of green leaves blinds me as I push away a branch. Trees all around me are transpiring in the moist spring earth. Sweat drips down my spine as I work my way up to the top of the slippery rock ledge. A veil of clouds shadows across the sun above as I get closer and closer to the top. I take my last few steps to the peak as the warm sun breaks free and pours down upon my face. The wind dances in my hair as I open my arms to its embrace. From the top of the mountain you can look down upon an emerald valley where blue streams trickle down rock ledges, and houses peak through the forests canopy. A bewildering variety of trees disperse themselves along the mountains lower ledges, and you can see where on the trail the trees interlace their branches overhead, forming a canopy of swirling emeralds. A shimmer of sunlight escapes the canopy, revealing rays of golden light, like the pollen of a summer flower. I decide to head back, the thawing damp earth is like elastic at my feet, and leaves rattle in the trees like chimes in the wind. If you tune in, you will hear all of nature’s music. Every sound, smell, touch, and every sight is relevant to nature’s purpose. Every part of it is beautiful in its own way.

The author's comments:
I wrote this after I climbed up Cardigan Mountain in New Hampshire

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