broken hearts

June 9, 2011
By DianaAguilar BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
DianaAguilar BRONZE, Aurora, Oregon
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Broken Hearts Everywhere.

I want to hold you’re hand and walk a mile.
I didn’t even want to miss you even a while my life was beautiful coz dear it was you my life you use to hug me for my worries to die
My tears to dry and my
Loneliness to fly
It hurts me to know you’re not by my side
I know I would be a bit selfish but that was because I didn’t want anyone else kissing you’re lips being in you’re arms especially in you’re heart
Years past where were you all these years why weren’t you there to wipe my tears fear from the future is worse then the pain in the past but all that pain is gone but you’re not
I want you gone
Gone out of my life
Gone out of my side
Why did you say I love you if you didn’t care?
Why did talk about feelings if
They weren’t there why did you hold my hand if you were going to brake my heart why did you look at me in the eyes if all you did Is tell you’re lies why did you
Say hi if
You meant goodbye
When you weren’t there with me in the halls I would smile pretend you weren’t hurting me and hold back the tears I would cry for you but
Really you never feel
The pain someone feels when it comes to love I would have you in my heart like a tattoo PERMENENT I reminisce on the day we met. I try to look to the side
But I keep looking back to you
And I would ignore everybody
Because I just wanted you, but you were like the rest worthless didn’t care what I felt that’s why
I want to be like the rest but I cant because my heart has been broken so many times because of you.
Love is fun
But it hurts too much and price you pay is high and you’ll get hurt even before it’s through.
Why doesn’t it hurt you?
I want you gone gone out of my life gone out of my side FOREVER yeah I made you mine but then again I lost you at the end lucky for me you wont be able to hurt me and I fell again in the same spot because how do you deal when you cant be with the one you love and the one you love is with somebody else and what do you do when he doesn’t love me but he loves me but he cant stand loving you from far away I guess you just have to deal with it but I didn’t want anyone loving you and you didn’t want anyone loving me but I was too late someone was already by you’re side. Yeah everything is going to hurt you just have to decide what guy or friend is worth the pain.
Boy I should on known you would play with my heart this is how you left me with Band-Aids covering every part of my heart my fault for falling for you like I said I thought you were different but you’re like the rest worthless I don’t have space for more tears so im done with you I have to keep my head up because that’s what makes me strong and beautiful my life does strangles but its going to fall apart at the ends and I am going to say bye forever because I’ve moved on

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